Home Sweet Home Supportive Living (HSH), where every person on the staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the consumers entrusted to our care. By that standard, our homes, education, therapies, and activities were designed. The special people who make up our staff share our philosophies: to give care and love without regard to gender, race, origin, religion, creed or disability.

A key to what makes Home Sweet Home Supportive Living such a rich daily experience is the unique perspective that each participant brings. We support consumers by tailoring person centered plans to meet specific needs.

Home Sweet Home (HSH) respects and encourages the consumer’s rights.  In addition, HSH promotes self determination for their consumers.  Our consumers are encouraged to be in control of their lives, by choosing where they live, who they spend time with and what they do with their time.  It means having the resources they need to create a good life and make responsible decisions.  It also means choosing where, when, and how they get help for any problems they might have.

HSH provides trained professional staff, which will be available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week.  This will give parents/guardians and other family members the comfort of knowing that their loved ones are being provided with the best care they deserve.  At HSH we also have services that we call “restorative care”. These services assist our consumers in being the best that they can be. Our consumers have the ability to see higher levels of healing and restoration that enhances quality of life for the Mental Health and Developmental Disabled consumers.